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Andrei was hired in 2012 to introduce our products to the new marketplace, and I'm pleased to say that Andrei met and exceeded his target sales quota and our expectations each year.

Andrei is an experienced representative with great customer and marketing background and I have no hesitation to highly recommend him as a skilled B2B marketing consultant.

Peter Grivna 

CEO, Celltex s.r.o.


Working with Andriy is a true pleasure. I value very much is commitment, his reliability and his business orientation. I am sure he will achieve all the goals he set for himself.

DR. Luca Ottolini

CEO, ESP Care s.r.l.

How to grow your B2B business

Andrei Zinkevich, Founder of Getleado

According to a survey by Hubspot, 63% of B2B marketers told that their main marketing challenge is lead generation, and 40% struggle to prove the ROI of their marketing activities.

If we impose the 80/20 rule on that fact, the simple math will show that only 4% of companies control the 64% of the market revenue.

It means that 96% of the B2B businesses are struggling for survival, and hustling every single day while the market leaders are killing it with a marketing system.

Are you one of the 96% of the B2B businesses who are struggling to get consistent leads and sales or belongs to 4% of the market leaders?

Let's check.


► Your prospect doesn’t see much difference between you and your competition. Therefore, you are often forced to lower prices and sell at low margins.

► You’re generating target leads but when they receive an offer, they ask for the time to analyze it, and, later you never hear anything from them.

► Your primary lead generation tools are cold calling, cold emails and PPC (Paid Per Click) campaigns but the efficiency is extremely low, and the cost per customer acquisition is higher than what you could afford.

► You have a complex product and your leads don't understand what you sell from the first look. Your leads ask for additional materials for decision-making as a result increasing the sales cycle.

► You have a small market share and you don’t understand how to scale. Your main lead generation channel is word of mouth but the number of leads, coming by recommendations is insufficient for growth.

If you answered yes to any one of the statements above, then we have something to talk about.

My name is Andrei Zinkevich and I am the Founder of Getleado. Our #1 goal is to help you increase your sales pipeline, generate more revenue, and grow your customer base.

Most so-called marketing gurus tell that all that you need is a tool for running cold email campaigns, a budget for PPC, and a landing page to get the leads.

If only it was so easy you feel...

When it comes to B2B marketing, you have a long sales cycle and multiple decision makers.

The old school days of just collecting email address and sending promotional emails are over. Based on a study it was found that on average a single person is bombarded with no less than 5000 advertisements and messages every single day.

How can you stand out among these 5000 advertisements and messages?

Most markets are saturated with me too products, services, and advertisements. People don’t give ears to generic messages. They don’t respond to it.

So what’s the better way to do it?

You need to understand your leads and prospects better. For that, you need to get more information about your leads.

Once you have this additional data about your leads, you’d be able to segment and nurture them with customised messages that are relevant to their particular situation and to what they are looking for.

You’d be able to educate your leads, demonstrate and customise the benefits of your products that are relevant to them instead of bombarding them generic benefits that your product offers.

When you add the segmentation aspect to your marketing and customise your messages, you’ll instantly see a boost in the number of enquiries and hungry prospects.

Here’s how Getleado helps you to create a stable flow of high-quality leads and generate more revenue for your business.

I’ve worked for almost 12 years in B2B marketing, and I’ve learned the hard way that there is a lot more to B2B marketing than Cold Emails and PPC campaigns.

In my blog, and in the Facebook community I show you the exact strategies and frameworks we use to help B2B founders and marketers like you generate more high-quality sales-ready B2B leads, close more deals and scale revenue.

No fluff or “high-level” advices. Only proven actionable strategies that work.

So let’s make the first step.

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