Full-funnel marketing for B2B Service-based companies, tech products and enterprise saas

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What I Do

For B2B Marketing And Sales Teams

I help B2B manufacturers, high-ticket service providers, SaaS, and tech product companies to create a predictable, scalable B2B lead generation and sales system by working with their marketing and sales teams as a team extension.

For Marketers

I regularly document my frameworks and create exclusive training programs, workshops, and books which have already helped 1000+ B2B marketers to improve their performance and implement full-funnel B2B marketing for their companies and clients.

For Event Organizers

Since 2013 I have taken on numerous speaking engagements, giving talks at many conferences, panels, summits, and workshops. I'm sharing all the experience, knowledge and case studies from my 13+ years in B2B marketing.

Companies I've Helped Grow

I breathe and live B2B marketing since 2007. I've started as a sales rep at Kimberly Clark Corporation and finished my day job as National Key Account Sales and Marketing Manager at Biosphere Corp. Since 2013 I've started to work as a B2B marketing consultant.

Here are some of the companies I've helped grow.

What Clients Are Saying

Francesco Stasi

Andrei is a thought leader in the marketing space and the results he achieved speak for themselves.

I enjoyed working together with Andrei while improving our overall out/inbound strategies and we developed a relationship above the simple professional level.

A great person always focused on giving before taking.

Francesco Stasi  //  CEO, Jatana

Peter Grivna

Andrei was hired in 2012 and still works as a B2B marketing consultant to introduce our products to the new marketplace, and I'm pleased to say that Andrei met and exceeded his target sales quota and our expectations each year.

Andrei has great customer and marketing background and I have no hesitation to highly recommend him as a skilled B2B marketing consultant.

Peter Grivna  //  CEO, Celltex

How to create a predictable and scalable B2B lead generation and sales system

63% of B2B marketers report that their biggest marketing challenge is to generate traffic and leads (according to the State Of Inbound report by HubSpot).

40% report that they struggle to provide the ROI of their marketing activities.


Here are the most common reasons.

  • One size fits for all approach. Marketing runs generic marketing campaigns trying to cover maximum market segments with a universal marketing message while sales run the same generic outbound campaigns, playing the game of numbers and hoping to get the meeting.
  • Marketing and Sales teams aren't aligned. Marketing focuses only on the TOFU activities and doesn't move leads through the funnel.
  • Marketing and Sales don't engage with the buying committee. Marketing and sales focus solely on the decision-makers and don't engage with other people who influence the decision-making process.
  • Sales stop at the point when the deal is closed. Instead of focusing on retention and expansion marketing and sales switch their focus on generating new leads.
  • The sales process is company-centric and isn't based on the customer journey. Marketing and BizDevs try to generate meetings with paid acquisition and outbound and don't focus on the process of how customers buy.

From my vantage point of 13 years in B2B marketing, I see the ten-step framework to create a predictable, scalable, optimized and efficient lead generation and sales system. 

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