About Andrei Zinkevich and Getleado

How to compete with the Big Names if my company is a literally No Name compared to them?

Should we focus more on cold calls and cold emails or it is better to create a content? And is the constant content marketing worth it?

Or should we invest more in PPC? Or Facebook ads? Maybe, we should reinvest marketing budget in SEO?

Can we really generate leads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest or another platform every growth hacker recommend to focus on?

Or, maybe, it’s better to higher CRO, who will improve my website conversion rate? And how we can generate more quality leads from our website?

And how we can accelerate the sales pipeline if the leads don’t understand what we sell from the first look? They require additional materials for making a decision and involve other colleagues in the purchasing process.

We hear these questions regularly.

For the last 12 years. we’ve tested dozens of different marketing strategies. Some of them came out from well-known marketing gurus but led to epic fails, some – generated results we‘d never expect.

With a background in different industries from hygiene and household manufacturing to complex IT solutions, we created our flagman methodology called the system B2B marketing.

Here at Getleado, we help our customers to implement the system marketing and increase pipeline, scale revenue, and customer growth.

Here just a few of the companies we’ve helped to grow.

Andrei Zinkevich


Andrei Zinkevich

I’ve started marketing career as a sales rep and then switched to trade marketing at Kimberly Clark.
In 2011 I joined the German company as a CMO and was responsible for helping international non-food FMCG manufacturers to start to distribute their goods at post-soviet markets.
In 2013 I started to work a B2B marketing consultant and founded Ad.Wize – B2B marketing consulting agency.
Starting from 2013 I have helped to create a marketing strategy, increase pipeline and scale revenue for companies from different industries like IT solutions for enterprise segment, hygiene manufacturing, production of gas fire extinguishing modules, cosmetics, digital marketing, the healthy mills’ services, etc.
In September 2017 I founded Getleado to help more B2B companies from the whole world to grow their businesses and implement system marketing.
I’ve created a library with 100+ marketing guides specifically for Getleado readers. You can get access to them by clicking the button bellow.

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