About Andrei Zinkevich and Getleado


My name is Andrei Zinkevich, and I'm the founder of Getleado where we help B2B Service-Based and Tech companies to grow sales pipeline and scale revenue with the Full Funnel System B2B Marketing.

I live and breathe B2B marketing since 2007.

In 2007 I had started marketing career as a sales rep at Kimberly Clark, then switched to trade marketing and worked as CMO at German consulting company.

In 2013 I started to work as a B2B marketing consultant and founded Ad.Wize – B2B Inbound Marketing agency, which works with clients from the CIS markets.

Starting from 2013 I have helped to implement full-funnel marketing and scale revenue for companies from different industries as B2B SaaS, system integration, IT outsourcing, hygiene manufacturing, gas fire extinguishing modules manufacturing, cosmetics, etc. 

In 2017 I founded Getleado and B2B Marketers&Founders community to help B2B companies from the whole world implement and leverage full funnel system B2B marketing. In March 2019 Getleado was recognized as a top Integrated Marketing Company on DesignRush.

How Getleado can help you

I could continue my biography, but I know you visited this page to see how can I help you.

At Getleado we help B2B companies:

  • Develop marketing strategy according to your growth objectives with clear KPI’s and ROI
  • Develop positioning, unique selling proposition and proposal for different market segments so you’ll be able to differentiate your company from competitors and have fatter margins
  • Create full-funnel (inbound +outbound + account-based) lead generation campaigns
  • Implement an automated lead nurturing campaigns that will increase the number of sales-ready high-quality leads and shorten the sales cycle
  • Create a customer journey and implement pipeline management to acquire and nurture B2B leads at different buyer’s journey stages, develop long-term relations and reduce the cost of acquisition
  • Develop and run an account-based marketing program

Next Steps

If you are B2B Tech or Service-Based company and need help with developing a marketing strategy or lead generation, feel free to read more about my approach and schedule a call with me here.

If you want to learn full-funnel system B2B marketing or LinkedIn content marketing, check my books and courses (free and paid)

If you would like me to speak at your event, host a workshop or feature on your outlet, please, check the topics I love to talk and get in touch.

The last IF :).

If you have any questions, suggestions or want to discuss anything, feel free to reach me out at andrei [at] getleado.com or PM me on LinkedIn.