7-Step Ideal Customer Profile Guide (W/Free Template To Make A List Of High-Quality B2B Leads)

Bonus material: .In this guide, I'm going to show you a proven framework on how to create an ideal customer profile (or ICP). This is the exact process I used recently with one client to:Improve client positioning, so they were perceived as a niche industry experts by their customers.Create a hyper-targeted…

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Value selling

Value Selling: How to increase the deal value and influence the decision-making process

According to Value Prime Solutions companies whose sales teams compete on value, not price, see an increase of 26 percent more sale reps attaining quota. Value selling helps to make sure that sales reps are consistently managing dialogue to uncover what the buyer thinks is valuable and then uniquely connect what…

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B2B content marketing

B2B Content Marketing Case Study: How Sales Hacker increased traffic by 268% and accelerated sales in 6 months

Have you ever wondered how do successful companies generate leads from B2B content marketing while others suck and waste money? Today I'm going to share with you a case study of successful B2B content marketing strategy. You'll learn: + How Sales Hacker increased their traffic by 268% from 90.000 monthly visitors to…

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Cold outreach

How to generate quality B2B leads with cold outreach email

In this guide I'll show step by step process how to develop GDPR compliant cold outreach email campaign that will have a high response rate and generate quality B2B leads. To help me make this guide more valuable, I invited to contribute cold outreach professional Guillaume Moubeche, founder of lemlist. So in…

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How to generate leads from the podcast

How to generate high-quality B2B leads from the podcast with James Carbary

Have you ever wondered how to generate leads from the podcast? Well, I had. I was always suspicious about podcasting as a content marketing tool for several reasons. This channel has unpredictable ROI. It’s hard to track whether your episode attracted the target audience or no. You can’t add sales pitches to the…

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Sales pipeline management

Sales pipeline management: The definitive guide to accelerating B2B sales in 2020

Bonus material: . This guide has everything you need to know about the sales pipeline management. If you are just starting your B2B marketing career, I'll show you how to build effective B2B sales funnel from scratch. And if you're a B2B marketing veteran? I'll reveal advanced tips and methods that you can apply…

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