System Full Funnel Marketing For B2B Tech and Service-Based Companies

Hi there.

Thanks for your interest in my services!

My name is Andrei Zinkevich, and I help B2B companies grow sales pipeline, accelerate sales and scale revenue with the system full funnel B2B marketing.

Here’s a list of companies I helped to grow:

I’ve helped Celltex s.r.o. to enter the new market and achieve sales volume 220 000 EUR in the first year.

I’ve helped RMS company to grow monthly turnover of 1 branch from $90.000 to $300.000.

I’ve helped ISP company to automate lead nurturing process and optimize sales funnel, so the deal closure rate has increased by 5%.

Peter Grivna

CEO, Celltex s.r.o.

Andrei was hired in 2012 as a B2B marketing consultant to introduce our products to the new marketplace, and I'm pleased to say that Andrei met and exceeded his target sales quota and our expectations each year.

Andrei has great customer and marketing background, and I have no hesitation to recommend him as a skilled B2B marketing consultant.

My Target Industries

B2B Tech Companies

B2B Service-Based Companies

B2B Manufacturers

I Don't Work With

  • Business Training And Consulting Companies (sales, marketing, management)
  • Cryptocurrency
  • E-commerce

Francesco Stasi

CEO, Jatana 

Andrei is a thought leader in the marketing space and the results he achieved speak for themselves.

I enjoyed working together with Andrei while improving our overall out/inbound strategies and we developed a relationship above the simple professional level.

A great person always focused on giving before taking.

Why B2B Companies Struggle With Lead Generation

According to Hubspot, 6200 + B2B marketers report that their biggest marketing challenges are generating quality leads and proving the ROI of marketing activities.

Why does this happen?

The core reason is that marketers tend to ignore the B2B customer journey prospecting only the sales-ready leads.

At the same time, only 3% of leads at any given B2B market are sales-ready. 56% of prospects aren't ready, and 41% are poised to begin.

These stats underline the main feature of complex B2B markets: 

Long sales cycle with several decision makers involved in the research and negotiations.

That's why companies that focus only on cold outreach, PPC and social media ads make their marketing doomed beforehand. 

What is Full Funnel B2B Marketing

That's why I always focus on the full funnel marketing to create a stable growth system and long-term results for my clients.

The core goal of the full funnel marketing is to scale revenue and the sales pipeline velocity by shortening the sales cycle, increasing the quantity of sales-qualified opportunities, average deal value and the close rate.

Full Funnel Marketing implementation consists of 2 stages: preparation and customer journey.

Preparation Stage

1.  Market Segmentation

The first stage is market segmentation where we figure out the most profitable segments the company should focus on. 

2. Ideal Customer Profile

The next step is to run an in-depth survey to understand the decision making the process of the core customers from the specific market segments, their buying motives, business objectives, challenges we solve for them and why do they choose our company.

3. Competitors Analysis

The third stage is to spy on the competitors to understand their lead generation channels, sales process, strengths, and weaknesses.

4. Company Positioning And USP

When the leads don't see clear benefits and don't understand what makes this product different from others, they always compare prices. That's why the next step is to articulate the company's positioning and unique selling proposition to underlined the product strengths and benefits.

Customer Journey

5. Inbound Strategy For The Entire Customer Journey

The next step in the full funnel marketing is inbound strategy development which includes TOFU (blog content, guest posts, media appearances, etc.), MOFU (white papers, webinars, etc.) and BOFU content (proposals, case studies, ROI calculators, comparison reports, etc.).

6. Lead Nurturing

The 6 stage is lead nurturing which is responsible for marketing qualification, overcoming objections and doubts, demonstrating the benefits of the product, educating the lead about the ways to solve his challenges and driving the lead to the sales qualification.

7. Lead Generation 

At this stage, we develop lead generation campaigns targeting which target the leads in awareness, consideration and decision-making stage.

8. Post-Sales Service

At this stage we work on customer satisfaction, help customer to get the maximum of our product and work on upselling. 

9. Referrals

The last stage is getting the referrals, recommendations and creating new case studies.

Vladimir Surkov

CEO, Rostovskaya Manufaktura Santehniki 

With Andrei's help we've implemented system marketing and created an effective marketing strategy.

The results of cooperation: customer growth by 40%.

How I can help you

Based on the full funnel B2B marketing methodology here is a list of questions I can help you with.

B2B Lead Generation

I'll create and help you to implement personalized lead generation campaigns to acquire high-quality B2B customers (including account-based campaigns).

Sales funnel optimization

I'll develop a complete customer journey, divide sales funnel into microstages, optimize every microstage to generate more high-quality sales-ready B2B leads, reducing the time between stages in the pipeline and shorten the sales cycle.

Sales and marketing alignment

I'll help you to align sales and marketing teams around outcome-based instead of output-based activities, set up clear communication and KPI.

lead nurturing 

You'll have automated lead nurturing campaigns that will increase the number of sales-ready leads and shorten the sales cycle.

Inbound marketing

I'll develop a content strategy, content plan, promotion, and distribution channels, and help you implement inbound marketing to create a stable flow of high-quality inbound B2B leads.

Marketing audit

You'll get a customized report which will show the gaps and lacks in your marketing, including my suggestions on how you can improve them.


Your team will get access to my brains to achieve your company's goals. As well, I'll prepare tailored for your goals workshops to train your team.

Workshops and Speaking

I can host a personalized workshop for your marketing and sales team according to your business objectives. As well, you can invite me to speak at your event.

Svetlana Kotenko

CEO, FoodEx, Ukraine 

We reached out Andrei to help us create an effective marketing strategy. 

Andrei figured out new profitable market segments, improved our Unique Selling Proposition and repositioned our company. 

We implemented RFM-analysis, post-sales service, reactivation campaigns and created new marketing plan focused on my personal branding. That's how "A day of successful businessman" podcast appeared.

As a result of a new marketing strategy, PR and inbound marketing in a half of year we achieved:

  • Monthly revenue growth by 40%
  • System approach to marketing
  • Got the reward as the best healthy food delivery service in 2017
  • I was included in rating The 500 most influential women in Ukraine

How we’ll work on your project

  • 1
    Intake questionnaire. The first step is an intake questionnaire to learn more about your business, marketing challenges and goals you want to achieve with my help.
  • 2
    Discovery call. After I’ll analyze your answers and get sure we can achieve 10x ROI from cooperation, I’ll send you a link to my calendar to schedule a 20-minute discovery call where we’ll discuss your goals and my preliminary ideas how to achieve them.
  • 3
    Roadmapping. Before engaging in any project, I always start with roadmapping as a way to help you understand how to achieve your goals, what we should fix and improve, what challenges we might face and what budget will be necessary for engagement. Roadmapping helps to:

    -->> Outline all the stuff we should work on to achieve your goals and eliminate what is unnecessary. This produces a better solution on a tighter budget.
    -->> Produce an accurate estimate of the project timeline and cost, preventing irritating and costly overages and delays.
    —>> De-risks your investment in a project and makes sure the money you’re spending generates a return.

    The result of roadmapping is a plan of activities and recommendations to achieve your business objections with clear KPI, budget, and ROI.
  • 4
    Project execution. You can choose done-for-you or advisory option. Both packages include weekly Skype calls and work chat for quick communication. The length of advisory projects is entirely up to you.

Andrei has been a real inspiration to me when it comes to B2B marketing. A true leader who understands the value of building long terms relationships. If you are looking for growth in the B2B segment, Andrei is your man. 

Ricardo Ghekiere

Founder of Fast Forward, Belgium

Working with Andriy is a real pleasure.
I value very much his commitment, reliability and business orientation. I am sure he will achieve all the goals he set for himself.

Luca Ottolini

CEO of Incorp

After implementing Andrei’s recommendations regarding lead nurturing, RFM analysis and post-sales service we saw a 17% revenue growth in the first month.

Alexandr Brailovskiy

Founder, Receptor

Intake Questionnaire

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