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How to attract and nurture high-quality B2B leads on LinkedIn without spending a dime on ads or sending cold emails.

Gaetano Di Nardi

Director of Demand Generation at Nextiva

Most B2B marketers and salespeople tend to think about LinkedIn as a place for prospecting and outreach.

Unfortunately, the widespread abuse and unbelievably LAZY spam tactics have created a numbing effect to most content consumers on LinkedIn, who are browsing the platform everyday to gain knowledge and expand their network. The good news - this gives incredible opportunity to companies who do the opposite. 

For the past 2 years I was growing Sales Hacker as VP of Marketing and building amazing relationships with our community and prospects primarily via the help of inbound marketing on LinkedIn.

This book from Andrei is one of the most comprehensive guides on how to start LinkedIn Inbound marketing from scratch, build a rich network of peers, prospects and influencers and ultimately building trust with your target audience while yielding a stable flow of high-quality B2B leads.

The beauty of it all?

Once you get into a rhythm of providing value every week, it's like you don't even have to try. It just happens naturally.

I would absolutely recommend this book for anyone seeking to step up their Inbound Marketing strategy on LinkedIn in 2018 and beyond.

About The Authors

Andrei Zinkevich, Founder @Getleado

Andrei started his marketing career as a sales rep in 2007 and then switched to trade marketing at Kimberly Clark. In 2013 he started to work as a B2B marketing consultant and founded Getleado – a full-funnel B2B marketing consulting agency. Since then, he’s helped multiple brands as IT solutions, enterprise SaaS, B2B manufacturing etc., creating an effective marketing strategy, increasing pipeline, and scaling revenue.

Ricardo Ghekiere, Founder @ Fastforward

Ricardo is an entrepreneurial growth marketing consultant passionate about growing ambitious B2B companies in a processed, proven and sustainable way.He launched his own businesses to gain a deep understanding of marketing and sales. Now he is sharing everything he knows along the way to help other's succeed.


Reviewed by B2B Marketers & Founders Community


Jens Polomski

Marketing Director, IMAscore

LinkedIn is my favorite Platform for new Business and getting connected on a professional level. But I´ve noticed that not many company’s use it to their optimal potential.

If you want to build up your LinkedIn Channel be sure to grab the B2B LinkedIn Content Marketing book. It’s a book that gives you straight things you can do instead of just telling you what other people might did.

It will give you tactics that are short and easy to understand to step up your LinkedIn Channel!

Stacey Danheiser

CEO, Shake Marketing Group

As a B2B marketing professional and business owner, I’m always interested in learning about how to reach and connect with prospective customers.

LinkedIn has long been the “go to” for business professionals, but there isn’t much comprehensive training to help salespeople and marketers learn how to do it the right (effective) way.

This e-book delivers exactly that! It’s a step-by-step guide that is easy to read, simple to understand and most importantly...actionable! 

The authors give great examples and tell you how to take advantage of everything LinkedIn has to offer. It’s a must read for anyone in a B2B leadership, sales and marketing role.

Baptiste Debever


Andrei and Ricardo have been able to put together what every marketer should be aware off.

It's a well-thought and extensive guide full of actionable tips. I had an inkling of each of every aspects, but they brought my knowledge to a new level. I’m very grateful!

Marek Kich

CEO, X-Coding IT Studio

Social selling has been a very popular word lately. It's not a surprise, that like any trend, it is exploited, which can be seen on Linkedin.

Usually the results are terrible. You can almost sense some dishonesty going on in your feed. That's because people are looking for quick wins and not for a strategy or changing own behavior.

This book teaches you different. It shows you, that being human and being natural are the two principles that get you anywhere.

So, my recommendation is "read it, follow the rules, share your story and get the best possible outcome

Gery Slov

Founder, GerySlov

This Guide is a MUST read for all B2B business and agencies! 

This guide is so comprehensive that it covers all the questions about marketing that a B2B Business has!

Dan Smith

Director, Doogheno Limited

I thought I'd just quickly scan through this book but it's packed full of actionable advice so I read it properly.

I knew some of the things, others were new to me and all of it well written, easy to understand and incredibly helpful.

The things I didn't know or just haven't done are now being put into practice and I expect them to bring results.

Lawrence Arboleda

Freelance Writer for SaaS and marketing brands.

Is Linkedin not generating you enough leads, if at all?

Don't give up just yet. I've got something here that may put a stop to your lead-generation woes soon. I've had the pleasure of being a beta reader for Andrei and Ricardo's B2B LinkedIn Inbound Marketing Ebook and let me just say... you've got to have your hands on this book (or rather download it on your mobile device).

Look, I've read a ton of Ebooks on B2B marketing. Some are great, some are... not so great.

This Ebook is one of the former. Also, as someone who recently used Linkedin to grow my professional network, this is something I sorely needed.

This Ebook has plenty of actionable tips that you can use to get more out of your inbound marketing efforts. The steps are thorough, thoughtful, and clear.

And as someone who is very familiar with B2B marketing concepts, I have to say that these guys know their stuff.

They know how marketing works and they have done an excellent job in leveraging that knowledge to develop a LinkedIn marketing strategy that is efficient, sustainable, and scalable.

Marco Cardile

Community Advisor, Marketers

This guide is everything I needed to bring my Inbound Marketing on Linkedin to the next level.

Ricardo and Andrei unveil you powerful strategies and techniques to generate quality B2B leads on LinkedIn from scratch.

If you’re looking for something more than a mere list of tricks and best practices, then you can stop your research right now with this book.

Eleanor Goold

Founder, Kreativ Copywriting

A comprehensive and indispensable guide.

Well-thought out, valuable and engagingly written, this book contains all you need to know and more about B2B inbound marketing on LinkedIn.

Dawood Khalid

Business analyst, Infosys Dubai

The information shared in this guide is taken after experiments like peeling linkedin to its core.

A complete and comprehensive read with a great insight expanding your horizon purely from b2b point of view.

Aazar Ali Shad

Co-Founder & CMO -

LinkedIn engagement and social selling are the biggest hurdles in my business. I’ve been posting my content on LinkedIn for a while but had no success.

I was looking for a place where I could find all those learning and hacks. I’ve read several blogs but this guidebook is the most comprehensive one.

In this whole book, the copy writing tips and LinkedIn Pods are the winner. I’ll recommend it to all the B2B marketers to read and implement it.


Because LinkedIn is the most under-utilized tool and this book tells you how to maximize LinkedIn platform and generate leads with valuable social conversation. Time to implement this guidebook right now

Victoria Kravchenko

Co-Founder, UA2EU Doing Business Globally

A great step by step manual to start conquering LinkedIn.

Clear and very attentive to details authors deliver their experience with checked tools, tested approaches and examples.

They insist that we should decide when to post business engagement texts and when to write about our personal life.

I will certainly use all this information in my everyday work routine for my clients who trade globally and use LinkedIn as one of lead generation tools.

And yes, everyone with Li profile can considerably enhance it with this manual recommendations.

Be prepared that this manual is quite long. Andrey & Ricardo are always very meticulous

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