Market Segmentation Workshop

This workshop is entirely practical: 0% theory. We'll work in templates I use in my consulting practice. 

What we'll do:

  • Segment your market, evaluate segments and figure out the most prolific market segments
  • Apply analytical model to prioritize market segments and choose the most profitable segments
  • Figure out what sub-segmentation works for your business: Inbound-based or account-based
  • Leverage the proven method to create an ideal customer profile for two most prolific market segments


Market segmentation and evaluation template

Ideal Customer Profile Template

Lifetime access to the workshop

Feedback on your work



I joined the workshop because I wanted to start prospect/customer defining on a good basis. We worked live with the spreadsheets and I got direct feedback from Andrei. The best part is that I figured out the market segments I'll be focusing now.


Bart Van Wassenhove

CEO of Hocus Focus


The biggest takeaway - most market segments are not defined nearly well enough, and most of the time people are making assumptions about valuable market segments instead of qualifying them.  


Ravin Nair

Marketer at Pronto Marketing


I wanted to learn how to better define my target market segment. The biggest value was  working on the shared worksheet was incredibly valuable, because it allowed for immediate, direct feedback and ensured I understood exactly how to best use the tools you provided.


Lisa Carter

CEO of Intra-luxe

How was this workshop born

Ever wondered why you couldn't improve deal closure ratio, campaigns ROI, shorten the sales cycle while other companies from your industry are growing their business and scaling revenue?

Once I had a conversation with the B2B SaaS founder who sells $10k enterprise solution.

When I asked about target market segments and ideal customer profile, he answered that his target audience is marketers and BDM from North America.

– Really? I asked. Will you count a request from a marketer or BDM as a high-quality lead despite market segment, team size or revenue?

– Yes, he answered.

– So, if a marketer of an early-stage startup or from FMCG market will reach you out, you'll be able to help him?

– Oh, no. We don't work with an FMCG, and early-stage startups can't afford our service.

Should you be surprised they were struggling with lead generation?

The problem is not only they don't focus on the specific market segments.

The real problem is they DON'T KNOW:

  • Why do their prospects buy their product (different segments have different purposes)?
  • What leads target audience to buy?
  • How does their decision-making process look like?
  • What can influence their decision?
  • Why some customers have higher LTV and generate more revenue while others make an only headache?
  • Why do some leads are converting easily while others have long sales cycle?

The most common problem I see everywhere is trying to create a universal "one size fits for all" marketing message and napalm with it the whole market.

Before hosting the market segmentation workshop, I've asked B2B Marketers&Founders community their biggest marketing challenge is and what they would love to learn. 

I think you've already guessed the most popular answer: how to figure out the most prospective market segments.

market segmentation workshop

During this workshop, I'll share with you the approach I developed for my company and my customers on how to segment your market, figure out the most prospective segments, evaluate them and adapt marketing activities to segment features.