Welcome to Getleado resource page.

Here you can find tools that are included in my personal marketing stack. Most of the tools I use for the years in my own companies and in consulting projects. I didn't add evident and well-known tools like Google Analytics, WordPress, that many companies use by default.

I created different sections as lead generation, marketing automation, conversion, content marketing, etc. to simplify your navigation and allow you to find the necessary tool.

Marketing Automation


When it comes to marketing automation and email marketing, Active Campaign is my go-to tool.

Active Campaign is a tag-based system with awesome drag'n'drop visual automation builder.

It allows you to:

  • Dynamic content depending on behavior and tags
  • Create multiple web forms and lists 
  • Apply lead scoring and create numerous lead nurturing campaigns
  • Install website tracking and send campaigns based on website activity
  • Add and remove subscribers from the Facebook custom audience
  • Send SMS

Highly recommended for every B2B marketing organization who is looking for cheaper alternative to HubSpot.



An additional feature which I love in Active Campaign is an inbuilt CRM which allows you to track and keep all leads data in one place.

This makes Active Campaign a robust solution for sales and marketing teams of SMB.

CRM allows to:

  • Create a sales automation process, unique pipelines, sales stages and tasks
  • Integrate it with 3rd-party tools
  • Check the social and behavioral data of every lead in the contact profile
  •  Track your sales process and get comprehensive reports
  • Easily connect with Gmail, Outlook, or any other email provider

Lead Generation


I use Albacross for my own business and my clients. As we run ABM campaigns, it is mandatory to know what accounts engaged with the ads and visited website. Albacross successfully solves this challenge.

I checked and compared several services, and the Albacross's accuracy was the most precise. You can also see the contacts for some accounts so you can add them to CRM. The most significant benefit is a possibility to add the target company to the Account Based Ad campaign with 1 click.

Albacross great feature:

  • Identifying companies that visited your website
  • Segmenting and filtering accounts based on the industry, country, revenue, and team size
  • Running account-based advertising
  • Integration with CRM and cold outreach tools

Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert was elected the most accurate email finder out there according to ahrefs. Whether you’re trying to reach out to influencers, build marketing connections or reach potential recruits, Norbert’s got you covered. They give you 50 leads for free to test out the tool.

Voila Norbert has such feature as:

  • Find anyone's work email.
  • Email verifier to check the deliverability of any email address
  • Schedule emails, follow-up automatically, set reminders with Norbert Inbox Chrome extension.
  • Enrich your email lists with valuable data such as current job title, employer, location and social networks of the person

One of my favorite tools when it comes to target prospecting.


UpLead is a high-quality database of contacts where you can find target leads from different countries, industries, job positions, etc.

UpLead team index 40 billion web pages and a team of manual researches make updates to the database daily.

The database also improves as users use it. So if you'll find invalid contact, UpLead won't take credit from your account. As well, their research team will receive notification and update contact manually.


Nusii is online proposal software which allows to create beautiful professional proposals, send them online and get them accepted online.

My favorite Nusii features:

  • Real-time proposal notifications so you'll be able to see whether somebody read your proposal or no
  • Own email and domain
  • Reusable content so you can create blocks of content you regularly use for your proposals
  • Beautiful reports to keep customers updated about project status 
  • Zapier integration help easily add Nusii to your marketing automation

Before Nusii I used Better Proposals, but this tool beats them by reusable content and reports which saved me hours of manual work.


Lemlist is automated outreach email platform with personalized images which stands out this product amongst dozens of competitors.

Lemlist allows to:

  • Generate personalized images including company logo, company name, employee's name
  • Scheduling campaigns follow-ups if you didn't get a reply
  • Comprehensive campaign reports
  • Send leads directly to your CRM via Zapier
  • Unsubscribe contacts from the campaigns

Despite I don't run cold email campaigns I use this excellent tool for content promotion.

Book like a boss

Book like a boss is an online scheduling platform to take appointments and sell services or products which integrates with CRM and calendar.

It is very similar to popular tools as Calendly but has unique features:

  • Unique page with the cover picture, introduction YouTube video, contacts area, testimonials area and sidebar menu with services/products
  • Custom form builder and qualification questions (E.G. How did you hear about our company?)
  • Automatic confirmation and reminder emails
  • Unlimited packages and appointments
  • Paypal and Stripe integration to sell your services
  • Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics integration
  • Works with Google, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud calendar

Here is an example of my scheduling page built in Book like a boss:

Business Optimization


PieSync is a synchronization app that has intelligent 2-way sync between connected apps.

It is very similar to Zapier which I actually also use, but Zapier only pushes data from one app to the other.

PieSync constantly monitors the records in both web apps, and when it detects changes, it updates the data in the other app too, keeping everything in sync.

Very useful to avoid manual labor and sync the data in your marketing stack. Especially great for Marketing and Sales alignment.


Evernote in my personal virtual assistant. I keep all notes and important business details in it.

Another remarkable feature I love about Evernote - Web Clipper which allows you to save the whole webpage to specific notepad.

Evernote also is excellent for team cooperation. Below I'll add some cool features I also love in Evernote.

Other great features:

  • All notes are synced between all your devices where Evernote is installed
  • Search for the text inside text, images, and PDF
  • Share notes and invite teammates to collaborate in real time
  • Forward emails into Evernote
  • Access your notebooks offline
  • Scan and digitize business cards
  • Create spaces for project management, hosting ideas or reporting

My go-to productivity tool since 2011.


Loom is my favorite tool that simplified my life.

Loom is an online screen recording tool that hosts all your videos and allows to share them in one click.

I use this tool to create video instructions for my team, 

Here are fantastic Loom features:

  • Chrome extension to quickly start recording your videos
  • Pause, cut and trim all videos online
  • Share all videos with unique links
  • Record videos from Gmail
  • Communicate under each video and add links
  • Rate or vote on video on specific episodes

My top-rated tool in 2017.


Asana is a project management tool that my team uses since 2014.

There are dozens of project management software, so I'll share what I love most in Asana and why my team stays with it.

Asana great features:

  • Easily track the progress of every project, own and assigned tasks
  • Create sub-tasks, add comments to them and assign to different team members
  • Timeline feature to create a plan that shows you how the pieces of your project fit together
  • 100+ direct 3rd-party integrations
  • Drag'n'drop tasks and sections
  • Private projects
  • Kanban boards and project management templates

I assume your team will also love Asana :).

Process Street

Process Street is an excellent addition to Asana. This tool allows creating online check-lists and recurring procedures with progress tracking.

Another great feature is conditional logic which helps to create dynamic checklists with if/then logic that adapts to your teams changing needs.

You can check the demo and templates on Process Street website.

With Asana it creates a killer project management system to run the business.

Analytics and Surveys


Survicate is a tool for online surveys or progressive profiling.

What makes this tool awesome that it has lots of integrations so you can send the feedback to 3rd-party tools or update lead/customer profile in CRM.

Integrated with Woopra, it creates a killer marketing stack.

Here are some cool Survicate features:

  • An advanced survey targeting depending on user behavior, the source of traffic and previous answers
  • Skip logic to collect more and better data from relevant groups of visitors
  • Score leads using survey feedback and track their lead source
  • Collect feedback and suggest next steps with insights-based calls to action
  • Different types of questions as multiple choices, radio buttons, NPS, contact or lead generation forms, etc.
  • Exit intent and triggers
  • Detailed reports and data export
  • One-click email surveys to collect feedback
  • In case you need an embed survey, you can create a separate landing page for this and redirect website visitors there
  • Ready to use templates and add-ons

Must have tool for every B2B company.

Conversion Tools

Thrive Tools

Thrive Tools is a complete set of tools to boost the conversion of any website and my go-to conversion tool since 2014.

Here is what included in Thrive Toolbox:

  • Thrive Architect is a drag'n'drop online editor to design any webpage or blog post. This page is built in it.
  • Landing Pages with 100+ templates for different purposes which can be edited in Thrive Architect
  • Thrive Optimize allows to A/B test your pages from within your WordPress dashboard
  • Thrive Themes is a set of WordPress professional themes which can help easily set up any website in a minutes
  • Thrive Leads is an advanced list builder tool which allows to A/B test different types of lead magnets and web forms, show different forms based on new visitors vs. subscribers, and much more.
  • Quiz Builder allows you to engage with your visitors, gives insights through easy to digest reports, spikes traffic through social shares, and increases subscribers through laser targeted opt-ins tailored to a visitor’s quiz answers. You can see the live example how I use this tool here:
  • Thrive Ultimatum is a FOMO tool which displays a dynamic countdown timer on specific website pages.
  • Thrive Ovation helps to publish quality testimonials all over your site almost automatic
  • Clever Widgets display targeted sidebar content based on different blog post categories
  • Thrive Headline Optimizer allows you to test different blog post headlines, product titles and sales page hooks with just one click. The automatic winner settings will set your winning headline in place automatically
  • Thrive Comments brings the addictive triggers of social media and a conversion focus to your WordPress comments, through several innovative features like upvoting and downvoting, gamified comment incentives and an impressive number of after-comment-actions.

All the tools are available at a price 19$/month and can be used on 25 websites which makes Thrive Tools no-brainer deal.


uCalc is an online calculator which can be embedded anywhere on the website.

This tool is pretty cool for letting your leads calculate the ROI in the real time without getting touch with the sales team.

Here is an example how use uCalc to give the leads of my Pipeline company to calculate ROI from inbound marketing.


Provely is a small pop-up with real-time social proof which are used to boost conversion of landing pages.

It easily integrates with web forms so in pop-up you can show the name and location of your leads and customers with custom text like John Doe just purchased this product.

With advanced targeting, you can really boost the conversion of any landing page despite its purposes.

You can see a live example of how I use this tool here:

Conversation Tools


Drift is an excellent tool which developed from online chat to online conversation tool with your leads.

Below I described the Drift features that will make you fall in love with this tool.

Drift top features:

  • Live chat with advanced targeting and welcome questions
  • Chatbot and playbooks. Drift’s Playbooks are pre-packaged templates that help to capture, qualify and connect with leads. For example, when a visitor comes to your website, LeadBot, will catch that visitor’s contact information, qualify the lead for you based on the questions that matter to your business, and schedule a meeting. 
  • Dozens of native integrations
  • Email marketing. Drift Email drives personal, real-time conversations at scale. You can send any type of marketing email with Drift
  • ABM. Send personalized messages to your target accounts and be notified when they are visiting your website.
  • Outbound. Drift Sequences uses machine learning and natural language processing to opt recipients out of emails based on their replies automatically.
  • Schedule meetings.

Must have tool for any SMB from B2B markets.


If your audience hangs out on Facebook, Manychat will be your go-to tool.

ManyChat lets you create a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales and support in seconds with intuitive drag'n'drop visual editor.

Besides this, Manychat has other excellent features.

Manychat top features:

  • Create a subscriber list and deliver your content with broadcasting
  • Lead nurturing sequences delivered at messenger directly to your subscribers
  • Live chat
  • Growth tool to collect leads from pop-ups, comments under the Facebook post or landing pages. Check my live example here:

Love this tool for its easy setup.

Content Marketing


Webtexttool is my main SEO tool.

Webtexttool helps to:

  • Optimize text while writing it in the editor with real-time optimization tips.
  • Find keywords for text in one click
  • Import your existing content or work directly from your favorite CMS
  • Track page’s position on search engines and send you periodic emails for you to know how your pages score
  • Increase the readability of your text with Text Conversion Optimizer
  • Track competitors positions on search engines
  • Find popular content on the specific topics for inspiration

If you want to focus more on content creation and promotion than on tech SEO, Webtexttool would be an excellent tool for this.


OneSignal is a free tool for sending push notifications in the browser. This is a great way to drive traffic to your blog posts or landing pages.

What makes OneSignal really cool is that the tool is 100% FREE!

Don't know how the guys are making money but the tool is fantastic.

Push notifications have a much higher click rate than email, so I highly recommend to use this tool.

Want to see how the tool works in real time?

Click the icon with the red bell in the left corner.

Short Pixel

Everybody knows that page loading time is one of the crucial factors for search ranking and website conversion.

Short Pixel helps to compress and optimize all your images without losing the quality.

Just buy credits according to the number of images used on your website and enjoy the website performance improvement.

Also, all images on Getleado website are compressed by Short Pixel.


If you host podcasts, Zencastr is the first tool that should appear in your toolbox.

Zencastr records your remote interviews in studio quality, so no more lagging Skype or Hangouts conversations are necessary.

Just send a link to a podcast room and receive a separate track per guest.

Zencastr top features:

  • Zencastr records each voice locally in pristine quality.
  • Soundboard for Live Editing
  • Automatic Postproduction
  • Record in Lossless WAV
  • Recordings are delivered automatically to your Dropbox account for easy editing and sharing

Fell in love with the tool from the first glance.


Shareaholic is a tool that helps you to install awesome share buttons with advanced targeting (like you see on this page).

As well, you can suggest connecting with you on social media in a pop-up which appears after every post sharing.

Another cool feature is a related content plugin that allows to decrease bounce rate and navigate website visitors to the relevant content on your website.

Also, you can create a custom Facebook audience from visitors who are sharing specific posts.

There are couple monetization features in Shareaholic, but I don't use them.

All necessary features you can get from your free account.


Go Viral is a free tool that stimulates your email subscribers or website visitors to share a specific page or post or subscribe to the messenger to get locked content.

It is an immediate word of mouth.

You can set up a separate webpage and offer different content in exchange of sharing.

Check this tool in action here: