Proven step-by step process how to become top 1% B2B marketer, create a steady stream of customers and scale revenue with the system B2B marketing

What separates marketers that can drastically grow any B2B business from an average marketer?

Marketers who run effective marketing campaigns, document them, post a case study, and it seems, nearly all the internet reads it.

Marketers who have great testimonials from the industry thought leaders and often featured in the well-known authoritative industry blogs.

Marketers who always get measurable leads and sales, attract ideal customers and scale their companies to 6-7 figures in MRR.

Th truth is that most marketers are very far from it (remember that state of the inbound report?).

They struggle to generate enough leads to meet the monthly minimal quota.

They try different growth hacks and create "valuable" content, but at the end of the day get a couple of hundreds of visitors to their website, can't prove the ROI of their marketing activities and being pressed by the CEO.

They are often hated by the sales team as the leads they transfer aren't sales ready or low-quality and are wasting sales team time.

So what are successful B2B marketers knowing and doing that others don't?

Their secret sauce is system!

A system for figuring out the most profitable market segments and prospecting them.

A system for focusing on ideal customers, optimizing your unique selling proposition and personalizing all marketing campaigns for them.

A system for attracting, qualifying, nurturing and closing leads who are right now on the awareness or consideration stage (around 97% of any given B2B market).

A system for choosing the RIGHT channels and tools for prospecting and lead generation.

A system for increasing revenue that is derived from the existing customers.

A system that will work for years and doesn't rely on social media algorithms, Google or short-term growth hacks.


That’s a great question!

For some marketers marketing finishes on scrapping emails and mass cold outreach.

In the best case cold outreach is supplemented by Facebook ads, cold calls without attracting leads on different buyer’s stages, without segmentation, without qualifying them, without lead nurturing, without retention.

From my vantage point of 13 years in B2B marketing, I see the eight-step framework that will help you to create an evergreen growth system.

8-step framework that will help you to create an evergreen growth system:

  • Figure out and focus on the most profitable market segments
  • Define who are your ideal customers and focus all your efforts on generating leads who are similar to them.
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, and define a unique selling proposition that differentiates your company from them.
  • Develop a complete customer journey attracting leads who just became aware of their problem, qualifying, nurturing, closing and generating referrals from them.
  • Apply RFM analysis to sell more to your best customers and prevent churn rate by notifying the warning signs.
  • Define the right goals, resources, and channels, and create a marketing plan that will drive you to the desired results.
  • Develop post-sale service (NPS, retention programs, repeat sales, recommendations and case studies)
  • Track the results of every marketing campaign you run and allocate your marketing budget according to 80/20 principle.
  • Develop and improve your top marketing skills.

Ricardo Ghekiere

CEO, Fast Forward

Andrei has been a true inspiration to me when it comes to B2B marketing.

A true leader that understands the value of building long terms relationships with insane value.

If you are looking for growth in the B2B segment, Andrei is your man.


I started to develop the same system in 2007 while was working for Kimberly Clark. When I left the company after 5 years, we increased monthly revenue from $125k per month to $300k in my region.

Since 2015 I used the same system to grow companies as Celltex, Moracell, FoodEx, Viking Kagit, Inter-Vion and others as a consultant and had (up today) 58 companies that successfully implemented the same system through my course.

With a Celltex s.r.o (manufacturer of hygiene products) we started from scratch on a new market and made a 220.000 EUR of revenue in the first year despite of competitors like Proctor&Gamble, SCA, and Kimberly Clark.

Peter Grivna

CEO, Celltex s.r.o.

Andrei was hired in 2012 as B2B marketing consultant to introduce our products to the new marketplace, and I'm pleased to say that Andrei met and exceeded his target sales quota and our expectations each year.

Andrei has great customer and marketing background and I have no hesitation to highly recommend him as a skilled B2B marketing consultant.

With a Russian manufacturer of faucets (Rostovskaya Manufaktura Santehniki), we went from the chaotic marketing and retention by providing the lowest possible price to the system development of distribution and system marketing.

This helped to increase the customer database by 40%.

Vladimir Surkov

CEO, Rostovskaya Manufaktura Santehniki

With a help of Andrei we've implemented system marketing and created effective marketing strategy.

The results of cooperation: the customer database increased by 40%.

In the September 2016 I've launched a new inbound marketing agency As.Wize and in the first year, we've signed 56 contracts.

These are just a few of the examples which confirm that the company working on the marketing systematically grow in any market at any time!

Stapho Thienpont

Stapho Thienpont

CEO, The Marketing Family

Ivan Omelchenko

Chief Marketing Officer, Elta LLC

This is my second course from Andrei.

I decided to enroll in System B2B marketing for several reasons:

1) SEO and PPC were ineffective
2) Sales team only generated the reasons why leads don't want to buy our product
3) Our work with existing customers was chaotic and ineffective

I got from the course more than I expected.

After 10 modules, it's hard to understand how our company worked without these tools – like blind kittens.

Got a few new ideas and insights:

+ How to segment and prioritize market segment the right way and plan custom campaigns for every segment
+ SWOT analysis based on competitors analysis
+ How to search for new channels, tools and ways for company's growth

The most valuable skills I got from the course are market segmentation, USP development for each segment, ideal customer profile development, mapping customer journey, competitors analysis and company's positioning.

As a result, I've created a realistic marketing plan which can help to achieve expected sales quota.

Also should admit I enjoyed working with Andrei during the course. He quickly provides comprehensive feedback and delivers much more than I expected.

During the entire course, there was not a single question that would remain unanswered.

Thanks a lot for System B2B marketing and wait for me on your inbound marketing course.

Introducing the system b2b marketing

In purpose of helping more B2B marketers creating evergreen growth system ,

I decided to document my methodology and created this course.

MODULE 1: The Core Principles Of System B2B Marketing

This module is all about to help you understand the core components of the system B2B marketing.

You'll learn:

​+ The 4 core marketing goals your company should focus on

+ The 8 core elements of system B2B marketing

+ The first steps to create an effective marketing strategy


By the end of this module you'll segment your market using 9 criteria.

This will help you to prioritize every segment and find new profitable untapped market segments, which your company doesn't cover.


This module will help you to understand better your ideal customer profile and gather valuable information which you'll use to improve your USP, proposals and lead generation campaigns.

You'll learn:

+ 9 core elements you MUST know about your customers

+ How to impersonate every market segment

+ How to use this data to improve all marketing campaigns


By the end of the module, you'll clearly understand what your market really needs, why your prospects choose your competitors and figure out lead generation channels you'd really focus on.

Here are some of the things I’ll go over with you in Module #4:

+ The set of tools you'll need to run competitors analysis

+ What you REALLY must know about your competitors

+ How to figure out the weaknesses of your competitors

+ The SWOT analysis methodology and how to use the results to improve your marketing system


​In this module, we'll work on the positioning of your company and create unique selling proposition for your products.

I'll reveal:

+ The step by step approach to creating irresistible unique selling proposition

+ How to differentiate your company from the competitors

+ My 4 top formulas to create USP

+ How to figure out USP amplifiers that will improve the conversion rate of your proposal


​On this module, you'll create the complete customer journey, optimize your marketing and sales funnels, learn how to apply marketing and sales qualification.

You'll learn:

+ The 4 stages of the customer journey and how to improve every stage to maximize ROI of marketing campaigns

+ The step by step process to set up marketing and sales qualification to get off the low-quality leads

+ How to acquire customers who aren't ready to buy from you right now (Hint: your market consists of 98% of such leads).

+ How to shorten the sales cycle and increase the deals closure ratio

+ The tools that will decrease the churn rate and help to retain more customers


By the end of this module, you'll set up your marketing stack and choose tools to help you with lead generation, lead nurturing, surveys, etc.


This module is the core part of the whole course. Your marketing strategy will determine your marketing campaigns to the nearest quarter.

Here are some of the things I’ll go over with you in Module #8:

+ How to set up marketing strategy with clear goals, KPI, and budget

+ How to run RFM analysis to boost up sales at every micro segment of your existing customer base

+ The step by step process for effective marketing planning


​In this module, I'll help you to set up transparent marketing analytics and KPI to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


In the final module, I’ll help you to set up your marketing department or hire your first marketer.

You'll learn:

+ The exact questions you'd ask marketer during the interview to figure out his qualification

+ The KPI and bonus system for your marketer

+ My exact process to develop the skills of your marketer to make him a game-changer in your organisation

Evgeniy Rudakov

CEO, «White Elephant» LLC

Before starting the course I was acquainted with many marketing tools but had a problem with a system approach. Every marketing tool alone does not give the result that my company needs so I decided to enroll in a System B2B Marketing course.

Our global goal is to create a systematic approach to marketing in our company. Achieving this in one month is not possible, so we are in the process. Andrei showed the system, we now implement it.

After finishing the course, I got new ideas about lead nurturing and what should be improved.

During the course, we developed an ideal customer profile for several market segments. Conducted competitors analysis. Improved unique selling proposition for our core product. Implemented MQL.

Also, I'd like to underline the practical side of the course: no fluff content, minimum theory, just "listen and implement" content.

Andrei also gave lots of templates that simplify our marketing work and course implementation.

The first thought when I've finished the course was: "I have a work for the next few years" :) and the best thing is that everything is packaged in one effective system.

The course is highly recommended for B2B marketers and founders.

Natalia Buzinskaya

CEO, Petrovka Beauty

I decided to enroll in System B2B marketing course because had a lack of marketing knowledge.

My core goals were to understand how to apply system marketing approach to my business, how to hire the marketer and how to evaluate his work. All of them were successfully achieved with a help of Andrei. We also hired the first marketer who is also implementing everything from a course.

As a short recap I’d say that this course is an awesome help for all B2B founders.



Two 30-Minute Private Q&A Call Sessions

Although System B2B marketing is VERY thorough and in step-by-step format, I’m sure that a question or two will pop up as you go through the training materials.

That’s why I’m offering 2 private Q&A calls for System B2B marketing students that enroll today.

During the training, I’ll hop on 2 live calls with you to answer any questions you may have.


​Private Slack Channel

You'll have a lifetime access to me and other fellow B2B marketer. You can ask any question related to the course you'll need help with, and I'll always help you with pleasure.

Let Me Break this Down for You

Now’s the time to decide whether System B2B marketing is for you.

Before I get into what you get in this premium business training course, let me tell you who this program is NOT for:

  • check
    If you’re seeking for magic pills like create a landing page, scrape emails and set up cold outreach campaigns, close this page
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    If you’re selling scammy get rich quick schemes, my course isn’t for you. I don’t want to help people that rip people off
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    If you're from e-commerce, infomarketing or coaching industry, my course isn't for you

This program is for you if:

Are you a B2B founder who wants to increase pipeline and scale revenue?

System B2B marketing is PERFECT for you.

Are you a B2B marketer who wants to be a game-changer for your organization or customers, create a predictive and steady flow of high-quality leads and generate high ROI from every marketing campaign?

System B2B marketing is PERFECT for you

Which System B2B marketing package is Best for You?


6 monthly payments of $97

  • The Complete System B2B marketing Business Training Course
  • Templates and worksheets


6 monthly payments of $147

  • The Complete System B2B marketing Business Training Course
  • Templates and worksheets
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    2 Private Q&A Calls
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    Private Slack channel with lifetime access to me

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The System B2B Marketing comes with the 30 day Money-Back guarantee.

But, for a full refund you'll need to fulfil all core requirements - you'll need to watch all the videos and submit all assignments.

If you won’t, I'm going to assume you didn't do the work needed for this course and you might not be eligible for a refund.

But if you did everything and was disappointed with materials, just send an email to by day 31 and my team will quickly and promptly refund your entire payment. It's that simple.

You may be wondering: "Andrei, why do you offer such generous refund policy?"

That's simple: I'm confident in the System B2B marketing training materials. I've seen it work firsthand for myself. I've also seen all my clients have tremendous success with it.

That's why I'm happy to offer this risk-free 30-day guarantee.